Frequently Asked Questions

What is Purple Stores?

Why should I consider ecommerce from Purple Stores instead of my own custom solution?

Why do I have to pay the AMC OR subscription fee? Can't I pay once and for all?

How much disk space is enough?

What if, I already own a domain name?

What are the hosting charges?

I already opted for a hosting plan with another provider. Can I install Purple Stores on my rented space?

How many concurrent users can be staying connected with my online store?

Is your application compatible with all web browsers?

Will you furnish me the demo account to run through the features?

I am neither a web designer not a tech-savvy retailer. Can I manage Purple Stores on my own?

How do I will be notified about new features of Purple Stores?

How do I analyze the performance of my Online Store?

Can I have a practice of Cross-sell and Up-sell?

How do I get benefited with Banks and other Payment Service Providers (PSP), who are part of your ecosystem?

What are the other hidden costs besides monthly subscription charges?

Do you offer any discount on monthly subscription fee?

What is the billing cycle?

What is the billing cycle?

What kind of Go-Live support is extended by Purple Stores Team?

How secure is my data related to orders and customers?

How secured is your platform to accept online payments?

How do I list my products to other shopping sites like Google shopping?

How do I list my products to other shopping sites like Google shopping??

Do you share my registered customer information with any other Merchant?

Where can I learn more about Purple Stores and its features?

How do I upload products to the site? Can you do it for me?


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